Hit the Road Running in 2019 with these Nonprofit Marketing Tips

The dawning of a new year is just over the horizon. There’s no time for slowing down. You need to hit the road running in 2019 with calm clarity and strategic intention in order to continue driving the marketing momentum you ignited in 2018.

By tackling these 4 marketing priorities now, you can catapult your organization into the new year with lighting speed and laser-focused power.

4 Marketing Must Do’s for Nonprofit Success in 2019

  1. Appreciate every single donor! Donor retention rates are frighteningly low, hovering between 40% to 50% for nonprofits (while average commercial customer retention rates are between 70% and 90%.) So, before you do anything else, take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to your organization in 2018. Here’s a guide to making your donors feel seen, known, and loved in 2019. While you’re at it, you might as well implement a donor retention strategy. You can find tips and for converting new donors to lifelong supporters here.
  2. Chart out your strategic marketing plan. It feels like a monumental task, I know, but carve out a few days to develop your strategic marketing plan now and you’ll thank yourself later. Your plan is your guide to successfully promoting and growing your organization. It’s the roadmap that keeps you and your organization on track. It can be a bear, but when done right, it’s a valuable process that can have a significant impact on your nonprofit’s bottom line and overall success. Need help developing your plan? This guide will get you headed in the right direction: https://smackdabcommunications.com/2019/01/07/how-to-create-a-winning-nonprofit-marketing-plan/
  3. Update or establish your messaging framework. Your marketing efforts are only as strong as your ability to communicate with your key audiences. Whether your speaking to donors, partners, foundations, employees, or clients, it’s crucial you’re articulating your messages clearly, concisely, and in the most compelling manner possible. It’s also important that your organization speaks with a unified voice. Here are tried and true guidelines for establishing your positioning statement, creating your core organizational messaging, and crafting key messages for specific target audiences
  4. Create your 2018 impact report. Long gone are the days when annual reports simply included budget and spending reports along with lengthy lists of donors, partners, and sponsors. Today’s annual report is a powerful tool for communicating your organization’s impact in an inspiring and engaging way. Even if it’s not the end of your organization’s fiscal year, take advantage of the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments with an annual impact report. Colorful photos, infographics, client stories, and donor testimonies are all part and parcel of a stand-out nonprofit impact report. This article highlights 8 power annual reports we can all take a cue from.

Need help tackling any of these marketing priorities? Smack Dab’s got your back. For more details, ping us here.

Did I miss anything? What activities are you tackling now to kick-start the new year? I’d love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below.





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